Last Tuesday I got a phone call that shook me up. It was around 6:30p.m. I answered the call and heard the sobbing sounds of a loved one on the other end. My heart stood still and my mind started racing as I began to listen to the heartbreaking cry of a young woman in a devastating situation. Things had gotten really ugly for her in her latest relationship. My heart broke for her. I wanted to shake her and pick her up and set her on the path of wholeness and health and safety. She is too far deep in this to see her way out.

That’s not how this works though. I know because I’ve been in the same place she is now. It is her choice and no one else’s. I know what she is looking for (dying for, really)


I went about my week – checking in on her periodically through texts and calls. It’s obvious she’s not done with this toxic cycle. She would be going back for more. My heart was heavy and tired, but I also know that no matter how hard she looks in the wrong places for the romance she so desperately craves, she will not find it there. I know because I never found it there either.

So Saturday rolls around, and I’m in CVS and this song is playing in the store as I’m standing at the check out counter:


A smile broke out on my face because I remember when this song first came out and how I felt about the words. I looked at the cashier and said, “I love this song. It’s so romantic.” She nodded a knowing a smile and said, “Yeah, I know.” I said, “I remember when I first heard this song. I thought to myself ,’I can’t wait ’til someone feels that way about me’.” I paused, looked down and smiled wistfully listening to this beautiful song. She must have looked at my wedding ring, because she then said, “Then you met your husband and he was that person, right?” I looked up at her straight in her eyes and said, “No. Don’t get me wrong…my husband is amazing. But it wasn’t him.”  I then said,

“It was Jesus. He’s the One.”

She smiled back at me, handed me my receipt, and I walked out feeling loved by the Lover of my Soul, knowing that I’m loved in a way that not even my husband could do and Mario (my man) can love me in so many ways, but the romance I’ve always sought is Divine. 

It’s designed and delivered by heaven and not ever to be found elsewhere.

For anyone reading this, if you are love starved in any way, I know this feeling all too well. I think we can all relate. I pray for the courage to reach out your hand and heart to the One who can hold it perfectly in every season of your life. Jesus Christ.

He is and has promised  and proved to be Savior, Deliverer, Protector, Restorer, Comforter, Counselor, King…the One who did the most romantic thing ever. He laid down His life to give you and me the opportunity to live in His never ending love.

Take His hand. He won’t disappoint.

In His Love, Sonia

Hosea 2:14-15 “Therefore, behold, I will allure her,
Will bring her into the wilderness,
And speak comfort to her.
I will give her her vineyards from there,
And the Valley of Achor as a door of hope;
She shall sing there,
As in the days of her youth,
As in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt.



By SoniaG

Who me...? Just a woman who Jesus met at a well in 2009, and He changed her life forever.

2 replies on “Romance”

You are such an amazing daughter of God! So beautifully written from your heart. I’m not having difficulty in romance area, but I need to constantly realize God is the love of my life and He will take care of me during difficult times and in good times. Thank you so much, Sonia… I love you dearly. — Lois

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I absolutely love your heart for Jesus and how it teaches me of His love in new ways each time I talk to you or read your thoughts. Thank you! Love you very much, Sonia. 💜


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