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I received a text yesterday that had this quote, “Beware of people who benefit from your self-neglect, prefer your silence over your truth, liked you better before you started setting boundaries and are intimidated by your growth.” – nakeia homer

A lot to ponder in that little quote. I’ll get back to that later. We live in a time where we scroll through these quotes and the words prompt something from us, some emotion or memory – in all kinds of ways. The words we read strike a chord somewhere, somehow and why is this?

I’ve been reading a book Redeeming Power, Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church by Diane Langberg. So good! Anyone serving or ever interested in ministry in any capacity should be reading this! I’m in the chapter titled “The Power of Culture and the Influence of Words.” Words. Influence. There it is! The reason these little Instagram/Facebook quotes grab us like that is that they’re meant to.

I don’t have much time this morning but I am going to cite two excerpts from pages 54 and 55: “The words we say to ourselves and the words we say aloud to others need to be true and good, or we damage others and ourselves. Our words, both spoken and thought, must always be submitted to the Word made flesh and to God’s written Word. Apart from an ongoing study of God’s Word written and lived, we will have no true way of assessing our own words or the words of others.”

Here’s the next excerpt, “When others label us, we respond by catching the disease and labeling and dismissing them in return. There are many things in our culture that we as Christians must disagree with in both word and deed. But in disagreeing, we must never dismiss or dehumanize another, or we become ungodly.”

Ok, I have got to wrap this up here, but I just wanted to share the warning about words. It’s important for us. They are powerful so like any power – we have to be responsible with what we say and how we live.

So back to the quote. I was glad to receive it – makes sense. And yes, I need to beware of these situations for sure. But one other thing is that I can’t insulate myself against all pain. I have to continue to take the leap of faith in certain relationships, asking God for wisdom every step of the way. God will reveal who stays, who goes and work it all out while I trust Him. He has a plan for it all. We will grow if we let the Lord teach us through these things so when we speak, we speak from a place of more maturity and love. That’s the whole point of us having the gift of words, anyways – to share God’s love and truth.

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful Thursday – almost Friday, hang in there!!

With all my heart,


By SoniaG

Who me...? Just a woman who Jesus met at a well in 2009, and He changed her life forever.

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