July 31st, A NEW Day


One of the things that has helped keep my head clear and healthy is to journal every morning before I start the day. I figured I’d try blogging this year of my life and journal here instead. The ferris wheel photo at the top was taken by my husband, Mario, a few weeks ago at the Orange County Fair. I did not ride this ferris wheel, but I rode another one later in the day that was higher and had these pods (that were magnificently air conditioned). I rode that tall (so. very. tall) ferris wheel with my nieces and their cousin. I was terrified inside but did it anyway just to be with them. It was a glorious experience. I conquered a fear and got to experience their joy and excitement. My heart soared in that moment and when it was over I knew it was worth it. So yesterday afternoon as I was struggling through an afternoon of homework, texting and social medial (and countless emotions and insecurities) my husband showed up with those four nieces lined up on our staircase and they met me with smiles and a “Happy Birthday” song because it was my spiritual birthday. Eight years ago on July 30th I had said the “Sinners Prayer” and accepted Jesus into my heart. Needless to say, it is a big day for me. Hearing those voices sing and seeing their smiles was the sweetest way to mark the day, a true gift from God. That moment snapped me right out of a bad attitude and set my heart right. That Happy Birthday meant more to me than I could ever explain. It was a simple truth that it was a true happy birthday and that my heart is full with family and friends but most importantly God’s love. He will pull me out of whatever sinkhole I’ve fallen into. So this year’s theme of my life is about conquering fears and experiencing joy. Take the steps and open your heart because you are not alone. God is right there with you.

With God all things are possible ~ Matthew 19:26

Happy Monday, July 31st

With all my heart,