Encouragement for Women

rejection IS protection


D0448B0C-6527-47CC-9CE4-E2154E2269F5The first time I heard this phrase was from my husband. Mario’s trumpet teacher in college told him that because he would have to go on many auditions and rejection was a certainty in his field. Good advice. I just Googled the phrase “Rejection is protection” and various links with blogs, articles, journals etc. came up about this topic. Good old rejection! So much has been said about it that I don’t even want to write about it right now, but it’s pressing on me so here I go.

Rejection was a huge part of Jesus’ existence. Check out this link and you can read all about it: . And even though it was such a big part of His life it still does not define Him. How do we live like that? How do we embrace rejection, knowing that God has a plan on the other side of it for us because rejection leaves a mark. Jesus bears those marks in His hands, in His sides. So how do we look on the other side of it while we are in it? I’m seriously asking the question because it is very real and sometimes overwhelms everything else. In US History I am also studying Abraham Lincoln and his life was marked by rejection as well, and it paved the way for him to be the kind of president that would abolish slavery. Okay, here’s my thought on this. Rejection is an essential ingredient to walking in our destiny. And if it is an essential ingredient, how do we rise above it while our hearts break in the midst of it.

Here’s one thought. Let’s get over ourselves! I’m laughing as I write this because I, for one, know this is a huge challenge for me and maybe for you too. We don’t know everything. We don’t see the big picture. We can’t know the beginning and the end. All of that belongs to God. And if it belongs to Him, He allowed it. It’s His gift to us in many ways, this rejection. If we let it, it can mature us, move us, inspire us…

Right now I know a lot of people who are facing big rejections in some way. I know I am too. I hope we get over ourselves and get going in this business of trusting God with our rejections because, as it’s been said, it really is His protection.

With all my heart,


On the outside
You're free to roam
On the outside
We found a home
On the outside
There's more to see
On the outside
We choose to be

Lyrics "The Outsiders" by needtobreathe

By SoniaG

Who me...? Just a woman who Jesus met at a well in 2009, and He changed her life forever.

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